Top 8 party universities in the UK in 2022

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When you are choosing a university, while education is important as it can be a matter of your future, a university's nightlife is just as important to ignore. When you're away from home and friends and family, parties can help you settle into a new environment and meet new people quickly. So, we recommend these 8 party universities for you to have some fun when choosing.


Newcastle University

Newcastle's nightlife is unsurprisingly ranked first in the UK. They are the birthplace of Geordie Shore, which isn't insignificant. Newcastle's nightlife draws visitors from all over the world, and the city has various nightlife districts. The Bigg Market is the city's most well-known strip.' There's also the exclusive Diamond Strip - made famous by MTV – and the slightly more refined Grey and Dean Street. Jesmond's nightlife is nestled away in a chic area, and the Quayside stands beautiful by the water.


Northumbria University

Newcastle is even ranked second. Northumbria University, Newcastle's bitter rival, boasts thousands of students. It's impossible to be bored here and it's wallet-friendly too. There's a 24-hour Greggs here, more than enough to pass the boring evenings. Newcastle's nightlife is diverse, ranging from bars on Northumbria University's campus 

to inexpensive trebles bars, a thriving homosexual bar scene, and a range of pubs and clubs with differing prices, types of music, and styles. Everything is within walking distance, and there is something for everyone.


University of Liverpool

A city with an illustrious musical history must make the top three. Other universities have followed in the footsteps of the Fab Four's alma mater. The people are kind, the streets are alive with activity, and the nightclubs are unrivaled. With a younger crowd, Concert Square, Wood Street, and Fleet Street are extremely popular. Due to the abundance of pubs, taverns, and restaurants, Hardman Street has always been lively. The world-famous Cavern Club on Matthew Street, the chaotic Stanley Street, and Liverpool's Gay Village are all nearby.


University of Leeds

Leeds is another northern powerhouse with a strong emphasis on music, culture, and low-cost alcohol. With a large number of gigantic clubs presenting prominent stars in the business, the city has a great DJ reputation. Students can keep occupied at places like The Warehouse, a massive dance venue. Live bands and indie bands play an important role in the city's foundations, and there are subterranean clubs - one even under a bridge – where you can get a taste of it all.


University of Sussex

Students can enjoy a unique night out in Sussex thanks to its location in the beach resort of Brighton. The streets are lined with taverns, pubs, and gay clubs, and the area is known for its hedonism. It has its distinct flavor and a thriving nightlife scene, with the university promoting The Seven Stars on Ship Street. This is, in reality, the town's oldest tavern. Pryzm, Brighton's resident monster, is where you'll most likely be spending a big night out.


University of Manchester

Manchester is without a doubt the North's capital. The city is a melting pot of cultures, with a diverse mix of bars and nightclubs. With the development of speakeasy-style cocktail establishments, the Northern Quarter attracts the bohemian crowd. Canal Street is well-known for its LGBT community and Manchester Pride. The huge Printworks, on the other hand, is a great place to party undercover.


London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London

Without our capital, a list of top-party universities would be incomplete. The nightlife in London is so diverse that it's necessary to divide the city into zones. West London is home to shows like Made in Chelsea, whilst Central London is a bloodbath. Soho's nightclubs are right out of a Tim Burton flick. The East and North of London have a more laid-back attitude, whereas the South caters to 'after work/library' drinkers. Because London is not known for cheap beers, do your research and take advantage of deals.


University of Bristol

Bristol is the birthplace of the 'cider life'. Bristol is the birthplace of the 'cider life'. Bristol's nightlife is all about drinking, with many bars within easy reach. You can party on Theka's boat or celebrate three years of carefree fun at Motion, the city's largest club.



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