What Is the Best Hangover Cure?
If you're looking for a hangover cure, you won't like this answer.  The only guaranteed way to avoid a hangover is not to drink alcohol at all. However, if you do find yourself ill the morning after drinking, there are...
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Did I Buy It?
According to a new study conducted in April 2022, 15% of UK adults have made an online purchase while drunk and not remembered until the parcel arrives. One in every five even go so far as to contact the seller...
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Top 10 party universities in the UK
As all university students know, the education component of higher education is secondary to another, more fundamental preoccupation: partying. And when it comes to uni partying, few go as hard as the Brits. So, now, as we approach the start of...
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How can you get rid of hangxiety in 2022. Upswing vegan friendly Hangiexty remedy
For some drinkers, the horror of a hangover is more than just a severe headache and upset stomach. Anxiety can be a scary thing too. Maybe you struggle to recall everything from last night and scroll through your texts frantically...
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Kombucha for hangover and hanxiety
You've probably heard something about kombucha's health advantages, but have you heard about a kombucha hangover cure? Today, we'll take a look at the world of kombucha to see if it should be your new go-to hangover cure!First of all,...
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Do you know about hangxiety? Upswing vegan friendly Hangiexty remedy
You may have a pounding headache, excruciating nausea, and/or an allergy to bright lights after a night of drinking a bit too much. However, when you overindulge in alcoholic beverages, you may have feelings of unease and anxiety, or your...
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Food not to eat after a hangover or hangiexty in 2021.
It's easy to confuse being hungover with being hungry. Your head is pounding like it was slammed into a cement roof the night before, your joints hurt, your throat and mouth are parched, and your stomach may be churning. However,...
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Perfect hangover breakfast in 2021, Upswing clinically research, vegan friendly Hangiexty remedy
Whether it's because of a work function or a party with friends, drinking all night can cause a dizzy and nauseous hangover, leaving no way to return to normal life smoothly the next day. In fact, there are some natural...
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