3 reasons why hangover symptoms worsen with the age

3 reasons why hangover symptoms worsen with the age. Vegan friendly Hangiexty remedy
With age, tolerating alcohol becomes more and more difficult and your hangover symptoms become worse.
Many people look back at the past and wonder how they managed to party and drink countless nights without stopping. Before few glasses of wine wouldn’t have stopped you from moving to your next day, but now you can’t even get out of bed, your complexion sucks and you feel terrible.
What is the reason behind this phenomenon? Alot of research has demonstrated that over the years, our tolerance towards alcohol tends to decrease more and more.

Firstly, advancing age leads to lower liver efficiency. There is a clear decrease in liver cells and blood supply. Furthermore, according to studies, the liver volume decreases by 20–40% as one gets older. Our liver is responsible for breaking down alcohol to transform it into acetaldehyde and then into acetate. If the work is excessive, because we have drunk a lot (or maybe even less than in the past), it creates an overload that can cause damage to cells and tissues. The faster accumulation of acetaldehyde, or rather the decreased effectiveness of liver enzymes on which there is still a lot to investigate, would lead to a lower level of resistance to alcohol tolerance.

Secondly, Lara Ray, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of California-Los Angeles, who specializes in alcoholism, told the New York Times that as we age, we lose muscle mass and body fluid content, which is replaced with fat. The same amount of alcohol can cause more acute intoxication in an organism with a higher fat content compared to a drier one, she explained. Although this situation tends to occur more over the age of 65 than over 40. Overall, it could also be a matter of habits: as we grow up, we (fortunately) drink less, and therefore tolerance to alcohol, trivially, decreases, thus leading to the overall weakening of the immune system.

Finally, another element that ultimately contributes to multiplying the effects is the decrease in the body's production of antioxidants, substances that may protect your cells against free radicals, which may play a role in heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. To worsen our defensive symptoms is the loss of immune functions (immunosenescence), a process of immune dysfunction that occurs with age and includes remodeling of lymphoid organs, leading to changes in the immune function of the elderly.
Hence, this leads our immune system to prevent us from reaching the same way as our younger selves to the effects of wine, spirits, and beer.

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