Can these drinks cure your hangover in 2022?

Can these drinks cure hangovers? Upswing clinically research, vegan friendly Hangiexty remedy

When you are particularly uncomfortable because of a hangover, do you often hear recipes that are bandied about: drinking milk to relieve a hangover, drinking orange juice to relieve a hangover, drinking yoghurt to relieve a hangover, drinking honey water to relieve a hangover. Are you also curious if drinking these various drinks really works? Today we will answer all of them for you.



Aside from the fact that milk is a refreshing beverage, it doesn't contain much that is helpful in the recovery of a hangover. Hangovers are mainly caused by dehydration. Then 80% of milk is water, so if you find that milk tastes better when you're hungover, it's a great way to rehydrate. It is also said that drinking milk before drinking prevents hangovers because milk forms a film on the surface of the gut that isolates the alcohol, thus preventing the body from absorbing it. However, in reality, this is also impossible to do. Milk cannot block the absorption of alcohol. When comparing consuming alcohol on an empty stomach versus drinking milk before, however, milk is clearly superior. This is because consuming alcohol on an empty stomach causes it to be absorbed more quickly. However, if you have fat or carbohydrate in your stomach (for example, if you've been drinking milk), it should slow down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed.


Orange juice

There are many people who say that drinking orange juice after drinking is an antidote to alcohol. Not only orange juice, but also citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit, orange, etc. all have certain effects in relieving alcohol. This is because these fruits contain organic acids, and wine has ethanol as a component. Organic acids can interact with ethanol to form esters, thus achieving the effect of relieving alcohol. However, if you try to drink too much orange juice, its acidity can irritate your stomach. So it is still important to take it in moderation.


Yoghurt does not have an antidote to alcohol because it is only a fermented dairy product and does not have a metabolic effect on alcohol. However, yoghurt can dilute alcohol and reduce the irritation of alcohol on the mucous membrane of the stomach, which can reduce the damage caused by alcohol to the mucous membrane of the stomach. Not only that, as alcohol causes dehydration, it can make it difficult for the body to balance and maintain blood sugar, and yoghurt contains protein and carbohydrates, which help the body's blood sugar levels. You can also top it with a banana for an extra helping of hangover.


Honey water

Honey in water has some antidote to alcohol. Honey contains fructose, which helps to degrade the alcohol and get it out of the body as soon as possible, achieving a detoxifying effect. Fructose can be absorbed directly into the body, which protects the liver and replenishes the body with sugar, preventing hypoglycaemia after drinking. However, for people who drink excessively, it is difficult to completely break down the alcohol contained in honey to prevent a hangover. So, when’s the best time to eat honey for a hangover? If the fructose in honey speeds up the removal of alcohol from the bloodstream, then eating honey on a night out or immediately after the last drink would be the best time to do so.

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