Do you still struggle with hangxiety in 2022?

Do you struggle with hangxiety?

Ever felt terrible anxiety specifically after drinking that seems to happen the day after. You find your self regretting your decision to go out or worried about what you might have done. For some drinkers, hangxiety is a common occurrence almost as frequent as the pounding headache you are likely to have after over indulging .

Some of the symptoms you might face are, your mind seems to race uncontrollably , your head pounds like it's been hit by a truck. Maybe your palms are sweaty ,your knees weak  and find that your arms are heavy. *(the last three symptoms might be a indicators of something else unless you get that reference )

Hangxiety, also known as hangover anxiety, is a type of anxiety that occurs after consuming a lot of alcohol. A hangover refers to the physical and mental consequences of too much alcohol use. When you consume alcohol, your body metabolizes it and releases a toxic compound called acetaldehyde. You can find out more about what a hangover is and what actually causes it here 


Why Does Hangover Anxiety Occur?

Hangxiety affects everyone differently. Studies show that hangover anxiety adversely affects shy people. While social anxiety may fuel their drinking habits, hangxiety is linked to an increased risk of alcoholism for shy people, which means that it’s a dangerous cycle. 

However, whether you’re shy or not, hangover anxiety can affect you. The severity of your other hangover symptoms may impact how much anxiety you experience. Hangover anxiety may last for all or some of your hangover. If you take steps to manage your hangxiety symptoms, you can get it under control faster.

How Long Does Hangover Anxiety Last?

Again, hangover anxiety lasts differently for everyone. The length and severity of your hangover, as well as how quickly you manage your symptoms, will affect how long your hangover anxiety will last. Your physical and mental health can also play a role in how long your hangover symptoms like anxiety persist. This could take an entire day or even longer for some people.

How to prevent hangxiety

If you’re prone to anxiety after getting drunk, then the only way to prevent this from happening is by consuming less alcohol, says Dr. Bogenschutz. “Stopping sooner, or substituting non-alcoholic drinks can reduce the total load of alcohol on the body,” he says. There are also ways to minimize the severity of a hangover overall, which yes, start with drinking less alcohol, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The organization recommends having no more than one drink per hour and alternating alcoholic drinks and plain water. Staying hydrated will lower your chances of developing a headache the next morning—which will at least help reduce how awful you feel.

You can find more ways to deal with or manage hangovers in our hang article here

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