How does Upswing work?

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To understand how exactly Upswing works, it is essential to first comprehend the role of L-Cysteine in hangover prevention.

When it comes to a hangover, our biggest enemy is acetaldehyde, an alcohol’s metabolite. Acetaldehyde causes our usual hangover symptoms such as nausea, headache, stress, and anxiety.

What is L-cysteine?

L-cysteine is a non-essential amino acid important for making protein, and for other metabolic functions. According to an Oxford study, the oral administration of L-cysteine leads to the elimination of acetaldehyde, our main enemy, which results in the alleviation of hangover symptoms.


How does Upswing help me?

Upswing does not only contain L-cysteine but also other key ingredients that help you with your hangover such as vitamin C, vitamin B9, vitamin B3 and so on.


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The combination of L-cysteine and vitamins helps you fight the usual hangover symptoms. L-cysteine has a neutralizing effect on acetaldehyde, which helps you to diminish hangover symptoms. Thus, if Upswing pills are taken before drinking, the effect that alcohol has on you will be greatly reduced, however, this is only helpful if you drink in moderation, an excessive consumption of alcohol will greatly damage your body. Always remember to drink responsibly.

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