Interesting hangover cure methods from around the world in 2022

Interesting hangover cure methods from around the world. Upswing clinically research, vegan friendly Hangiexty remedy

The world agrees that alcohol abuse is more harmful than good and that the damage done by alcohol to the body is difficult to reverse. This is why some countries have enacted and promulgated prohibition to try to ban alcohol. But what fun is it to get together on holiday and party without alcohol, and there is always a need for alcohol in 

the business world. But if you drink too much alcohol, you can't have a good hangover. Almost every country has its traditional methods of relieving a hangover that has been used for generations, so here are some of the more interesting and bizarre methods you can try.


The Germans serve fish in vinegar with spring onions and sour milk or sour cream, which is then served with a large glass of warm beer to sober up the drunk.


The main reason why Norwegians like to drink a large glass of thick condensed milk on an empty stomach is that the fat helps to regulate the functions of the poisoned parts of the body and gives a thin protective coating to the stomach that has suffered so much. 


Americans will choose to drink tomato juice and take raw eggs. This hangover treatment may not be the most appetizing, but if you can keep it down, it will have you feeling as good as new in no time. Who wouldn't down a couple of raw eggs with tomato juice to escape the dreadful hangover that you know is about to consume your entire morning? Sylvester Stallone's character in Rocky drank a cocktail using raw eggs as the main ingredient regularly. Maybe with the same zeal, you'll be able to sprint up the university steps.


Legend has it that as a trusted hangover cure, Mongolians drink lamb's eyes marinated in tomato juice. To properly complete this list, you do not need to experiment with that dish. Try a couple of teacups full of vodka instead. Even if vodka is the last thing you want to see, let alone drink, the morning after the night before, Mongolians utilize it to surely take the edge off even the worst hangover.


In Hungary, inebriated partygoers regularly pour bird feces into their brandy. You might decide to inform all of your pals about this special hangover treatment if you imagine inebriated students rummaging around for this one-of-a-kind substance early in the morning. However, whether you decide to test it out for yourself is entirely up to you!


Professional athletes (and hungover college students) have been drinking pickle juice for years after a rigorous training program or a late night at the newest nightclub because it is high in electrolytes (or both). Despite the availability of liquids such as Gatorade and other delectable sports drinks in today's world, some people still swear by this tried-and-true method.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans use a small lemon half to rub into their armpits to prevent hangovers. It is thought that pressing a slice of lemon in the pit of your drinking arm before taking your first drink can avoid dehydration and headaches the following day.


The Haitian method of libation is linked to local witchcraft. They find empty bottles from which drunken people have drunk and prick 13 black-headed needles into the corks. It is hoped that by this method, the drunk will be cured without the need for medication.

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