Myths about hangovers

Myths about hangovers, Upswing clinically research, vegan friendly Hangiexty remedy

When you feel a hangover, some people think it's no big deal, but it's not. Large amounts of alcohol can stimulate your central nervous system, causing dizziness, headaches, and nausea, and you can also run to the toilet frequently or feel stomach pains, and even lower your immune system. Here are some myths about hangovers.

1. Most people think it's best to drink wine as it's gentler and less likely to cause a hangover. Wine contains tannins, and this compound is known to cause headaches in some people. Malt liquors like whisky can also cause severe hangovers, and if you choose beer or sake you may wake up in the morning in a better condition. Cocktails should be a better choice as the fruit, fruit juice or sugary liquids contained in them can reduce hangovers, but as long as there is alcohol there is the potential for a hangover.

2. Many people prefer not to rest when they are drunk, but to look for foods that will detoxify them. But the truth is that any food will slow down the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol, and if you have to eat it, you can try to choose fatty foods such as meat. But none of these are as effective as drinking water.

3. Because of the severe headaches associated with hangovers, many people will choose to take painkillers to relieve them. But most of these peak within 4 hours, so if you use them before sleep, you'll often still have a headache when you wake up, so it's best to take them in the middle of the night or after you wake up in the morning. And of course, don't take acetaminophen when you're drinking, it'll output tons of damage to your liver!

4. Some insomniacs always have trouble falling asleep at night, so they choose to get drunk to solve the problem. But this has the opposite effect, as a hangover can affect the quality of your sleep and can easily make you wake up and go back to sleep.

5. Some people like to have a cup of coffee to reduce their headache after waking up from a hangover, but the caffeine content in coffee acts as a vasoconstrictor and could potentially make your hangover worse. At this time, drinking plenty of water and sports drinks to replace the electrolytes lost through dehydration is a better option, especially if you've thrown up afterward.

6. Don't ignore drunkenness, alcohol poisoning can be life-threatening. Symptoms include unconsciousness, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and reduced skin temperature. If your companion vomits repeatedly or collapses after drinking, there is a risk of severe dehydration or craniocerebral damage, and this is a time to get to the emergency room quickly.

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