Why does my face get red after drinking alcohol?

Why does my face get red after drinking alcohol? Upswing clinically research, vegan friendly Hangiexty remedy
Do you ever wonder my face goes red after just a couple of drinks? First, Congratulations! Your body is good at converting alcohol, but most likely you’ve heard that you are not good at converting alcohol that’s why my face goes red. However, that is not the case here. Secondly, 90% of the chances are that you are Asian, please continue reading if we have guessed it right.

What exactly is it?

When your face turns red, this is referred to as an alcohol flush. An alcohol flush reaction occurs when a person gets unpleasant sensations after consuming alcohol. Face flushing, congestion, dizziness, trouble breathing, headaches, and a fast heartbeat are some of the symptoms. Everyone has a unique experience with this condition, it affects millions of individuals.

You may have heard of "Asian Glow" or "Asian Flush," which are terms for the alcohol flush reaction. Because this illness affects so many persons of East Asian heritage, it's frequently referred to as Asian Flush. However, many other races (including Caucasians) can experience Asian Flush, thus the more generic phrase "alcohol flush reaction.”

Some people have harsher symptoms when they consume red wine, while others may have more severe responses to cider and beer. In any case, the sensations are excruciating and may quickly spoil your night out.

The science behind it

The chemical in the alcohol that makes it alcohol is called ethanol, for those who experiences alcohol flush can break down ethanol extremely well. However, when ethanol is broken down into acetaldehyde, those with alcohol flush can not break down acetaldehyde more efficiently. So when someone is drinking, the ethanol gets converted into acetaldehyde a lot faster, so acetaldehyde level stays extremely high compared with the ethanol level.

Acetaldehyde will degrade after a period of time during metabolism. People with alcohol flush will have quite a lot of acetaldehyde accumulated in the blood, compared with someone who started drinking at the same time. The effect of acetaldehyde on your body is determined by the amount in your body, the length of time you were exposed, and the frequency with which you were exposed. The higher concentration of acetaldehyde and the longer it stays in your body, the more damage it will do to your body.

Acetaldehyde intoxication has the greatest impact on the brain. It disrupts brain function and can impair memory. Acetaldehyde can induce amnesia, or the inability to recall events. This is a typical side effect of excessive alcohol consumption.

How to prevent it?

Stop drinking, unfortunately. It really doesn’t solve the problem, doesn’t it. So since you are here, we have specifically formulated our special supplement which reduces your risk exposed to alcohol consumption. The science can be found here.
Upswing® with our clinical proven formula will always be here to prevent and reduce the harm of alcohol, especially to those with alcohol flush. We would also reduce your hangover significantly if you prone to alcohol flush.

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