Upswing Pioneer
After completing his degree in Computer Science, Joshua worked at Bosch in the supply chain analytics and demand planning division. Joshua also worked as a freelance full-stack developer for five years. 1. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO WORK WITH UPSWING?...
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Chris Upswing Pioneer
After completing his undergraduate in the UK, Chris pursued his education in Japan. After graduating, he worked in the marketing and advertising market for ten years. He considers himself a perfectionist, both when working and having fun. However, Hangover has...
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LEO LAWRENCE | Upswing Pioneer
Leo Lawrence is a key pioneer at Upswing, he graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Political Science. 1.HOW DID YOU GET STARTED AT UPSWING? My first job out of university was as a consultant in one...
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Dr. Young Wang | Founder of Upswing
Throughout my life, I have always been a victim of hangovers, they always stopped me from being productive in the morning and enjoy my hobbies. I can’t imagine how productive I could be if hangovers didn’t exist. 1.HOW’D YOU GET...
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