Dr. Party is becoming Upswing

In everyone’s life, there comes a time when you must say goodbye to the old and embrace the new. Arnold Schwarzenegger did it when he campaigned for governor, America did it when they replaced the gold standard with fiat currency, and Coca Cola did it when they introduced Diet Cherry. Now its our turn…

As of today, we’re very excited to announce that Dr Party is officially transforming into [cue drumroll...] Upswing. It’s the same, high-quality product that you know and love, just with a shiny new exterior that we feel better reflects the values and ambition of our brand.

Dr. Party is now Upswing

While Dr Party built up a committed following in a short period of time, as we expanded into new markets, we found that the name didn’t quite capture the full scope of our brand. And so, after many conversations, surveys, feedback forms, and late-night, caffeinated brainstorming sessions, we arrived at Upswing – our new and improved brand.

The Upswing brand is all about living a full life. It means not having sacrifice a vibrant social life for a productive next day. It means giving 100 per cent to whatever you do, whether that’s producing high-quality work that excites you, waking up fresh for an early morning run, or going out with friends. We believe that our new name is the perfect embodiment of these values.

The rebranding will take place in two stages. The first stage, which is currently underway, is to transition our social media, blog, and marketing content. As of this moment, you can expect to see Upswing-branded posts across all of these channels. The second stage will take place in early March, when we plan to start selling the first batch of the newly-branded product. At this point, the website and all of our products will be fully Upswing branded.

Great brands aren’t born, they’re grown. Moving forwards, we’re excited to see the new ways the brand can evolve. We are already kicking off a new media project that brings the Upswing values to life, in which we discover inspiring stories from the lives of ordinary people and share them to our Instagram page @UpswingLdn. We are also looking to expand our product line to include a range of new vitamin supplements aimed at delivering Upswing’s mission of a full and healthy life.

So, this Friday evening, when you’re out with friends and enjoying a few drinks, join us all in raising a glass. To Dr Party: may you’re dynamic spirit and dubious medical accreditation forever remain in our hearts. And to Upswing: may the road ahead be great. Hear, hear!