Works like magicUpswing Bottle and sachet, vegan friendly Hangiexty cure
Backed by scienceUpswing Bottle and sachet, vegan friendly Hangiexty cure

No, it’s not an illusion. Upswing really does work. We have the science to back it up.

Dr Party || Upswing Upswing Bottle and sachet, vegan friendly Hangiexty remedy


SQS (Safety, Quality, Science). They are the essence of what we do.


At Upswing, everything we do is science orientated. Our patented formula is tested based on the scientific research method. During a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, 80% of the users felt better than those without Upswing. These improved symptoms include headaches, nauseous, sleepiness, thirst, vomiting and exhaustion. From the picture above, we can see how Upswing will help you to prepare for a productive morning.

With Upswing
Without Upswing

In simple terms, Upswing breaks down the toxin when you drink alcohol. It will help both body and brain from getting damaged by the toxin, ultimately saving you from a hangover. To understand how Upswing works, click here

SQS (Safety, Quality, Science) Backed Ingredients:

Safety is our No.1 priority when it comes to our products. We ensure that all the ingredients used in our formula do not cause harm, addiction, or damage to the body.
Quality is in the essence of ingredient selections. All ingredients are UK sourced and approved by our manufacturers. We also ensure the ingredients are sourced sustainably both ethically and environmentally.
Science is at the root of everything we do. We do numerous researches and tests before we formulate our final product. Our state-of-the-art formulas are what set us apart from the market. We strongly believe science makes the world a better place.